The Restaurant Kolarac was first open at the Theatre Square in 1870

The restaurant Kolarac was built in the early 70's of the 19th century .It was located at the Theatre Square within a group of buildings which belonged to Ilija Milosavljević known as Kolarac after his birth place Kolari near Belgrade .Ilija Milosavljević is one of the greatest legacy donors in Serbia and the building where the restaurant is now located is just one of a number of real estates left by Kolarac to generations to come.

Kolarac was destroyed in 1941 during Natzi bombing

In the 19th century the Kolarac restaurant was at the Theatre Square and was often the gathering place of politicians, army officers, civil servants, but also a place of conspiracies.It is believed that there the conspirators reached a joint decision to assassinate the King Akeksandar Obrenović and the Queen Draga. The restaurant was sometimes even transformed into a ball-room. The restaurant was destroyed during the German air-raid on April 6th 1941.

New Kolarac was open in 1950

The house where the restaurant Kolarac is located now was constructed in 1869 and has the authentic look today showing the 19th century architectural an urban characteristics of Belgrade of the time. The investor was a well-known businessman Veljko Savić. The house is under the State protection.

Knez Mihailova street in 1975

In the centre of the trade zone which is and has always been Knez Mihailo Street the restaurant Kolarac used to be a favourite gathering place of academics, actors, musicians, salesmen, as well as of businessmen of all kinds from all around Yugoslavia. It was said that the one who did not visit Kolarac was not likely to have been in Belgrade!

Restaurant of traditional Serbian cuisine